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WELCOME TO Pietz, VanderWaal, Stacker & Rottier, S.C.


Pietz, VanderWaal, Stacker & Rottier is a law firm committed to excellence in all aspects of our business.  With a history and track record of success, our experienced team of attorneys strive to protect the rights and interests of each of our clients.  When entrusted with the most important situations individuals will face in their lives, our attorneys build the personal relationships needed to bring about successful results.  Our mission is to have each client know that they are valued and will be treated in a professional manner in each and every interaction.

Why Choose Us?


When choosing an attorney to represent you, it is often overwhelming to predict who is going to best bring about the results you need to protect you, your family and your assets.  Our reputation hinges upon our ability to not only meet your expectations, but to surpass them through our extensive knowledge of the legal process.  We have the ability to successfully guide you through the complicated legal process.


  • "When I found myself in need of counsel to help me thru a complicated divorce, I met with several attorneys, looking for the right combination of knowledge, professionalism and expertise. Within the first few minutes of meeting Stuart, I knew I had found the best person for the situation. Throughout the process, Stuart never let anything slide or left me waiting for answers. He treated me with respect and always asked for my input. He offered options where appropriate, and explained the pros and cons in detail so I was able to make informed decisions. When I needed additional counsel regarding complex business ownership issues related to the divorce, Colin provided that specific expertise for me. Recently I needed counsel to guide me through a real estate transaction. With his broad range of experience, Greg was able to help me through the complexities of the transaction and give me the peace of mind that I was making a sound investment. The support staff at the firm is also top notch. Having so much talent and expertise available in one firm has made my life much easier."

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The legal process can be complicated, but our experienced team will be there every step of the way.