Municipal Law

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Municipal Law is wide and often complex, drawing from many other areas of the law ranging from real estate to labor to litigation and everything in between. We have extensive experience representing many cities, villages, towns, and multi-jurisdictional municipal entities, and as such we have successfully handled all aspects of municipal law including:

• Drafting ordinances and resolutions

• Drafting contracts and agreements

• Representing municipalities in all court proceedings, including federal and state court and administrative agencies

• Municipal prosecutions

• Providing guidance on Open Meeting and Open Record Law compliance

• Licensing matters

• Employee discipline and termination

• Employment discrimination charges

• Grievance arbitration

• Public sector collective bargaining

• Annexation and incorporations

• Parliamentary procedure

• Tax increment district

• Real estate development

• Land use and zoning

Additionally, our extensive appellate litigation practice coupled with our municipal law experience has provided us the opportunity to be involved in multiple precedent-setting cases that directly affect municipal law including: Pace v. Oneida County, 212 Wis.2d 448, 569 N.W.2d 311 (Ct. App. 1997); Trailwood Ventures, LLC v. Village of Kronenwetter, 2009 WI App 18, 315 Wis.2d 791, 762 N.W.2d 841; Town of Stiles v. Stiles/Lena Drainage Dist., 2010 WI App 87, 327 Wis.2d 491, 787 N.W.2d 876; Nowell v. City of Wausau, 2012 WI App 100, 344 Wis.2d 269, 823 N.W.2d 373.

Primary Focus Attorney: Lee D. TuronieShane J. VanderWaalPeter Gunther